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So, What Is an MRI?

Most people have heard of an MRI at some point in their life, but what exactly is an MRI?
What is an MRI

Most people have heard of an MRI at some point in their life, but what exactly is an MRI? In short, an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses a magnetic field, radio waves, and advanced computing technology to create detailed images of the tissues, organs, and blood vessels within the body. MRI is used to detect conditions such as cancer, heart disease, abnormalities in the brain, degenerative diseases, and much more.


What Is Getting an MRI Like?

At simonONE, delivering powerful results through a gentle process is the goal. The MRI procedure itself is quick and easy, taking only 30-45 minutes. This non-invasive process allows you to resume life as usual, with no downtime involved. The scanner resembles a tube with a table that you lay on for the duration of your MRI. You can rest easy knowing that no radiation, contrast dyes, or fasting will be used or required in the process. Within 5-7 days, a sub-specialist will read the results and create a game plan that is catered to your specific needs.

The simonONE Preventative MRI

With two current offerings, you can select which simonONE option fits your needs best. The simonONE Body option is our most affordable option and is great for detecting early-stage cancers, brain diseases, and other abnormalities. As previously mentioned, this procedure is non-invasive and does not involve any radiation. Your scan will cover your body from head to pelvis, which includes over 100 body structures. Health is the top priority at simonONE, so you can count on a specialist to create a plan personalized to your results.

Our second offering is the simonONE Body Plus. This option will cover everything an annual whole body scan does plus advanced liver health imaging and an AI-enhanced prostate cancer screen for men. The AI-powered imaging adds sensitivity to the MRI to aid in the detection of liver disease and creates better visuals of the prostate. With the added AI, highly detailed analyses of your imaging data are guaranteed.

Empowered Healthcare

At simonONE, providing patients with the understanding of what an MRI is and how it can benefit them is extremely important. Nobody wants to walk into anything blindly, especially when it comes to your health. Our directors and specialists will walk you through the MRI process so you feel in control the whole time. You will leave simonONE feeling empowered, with a healthier you in sight, all thanks to our technology and specialists.

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Book your simonONE scan and get a clearer picture of your health now to create better health outcomes for your future.


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