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Why MRI?

simonONE scans utilize magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, meaning the entire process is non-invasive.

No Radiation

No Contrast Dyes


No Fasting

No Down Time

Short Procedure Times


What’s the Difference?


An MRI allows us to create computer-generated pictures of your internal organs and tissues. This allows us to easily identify abnormalities, masses and potentially dangerous cell clusters that can help with early detection of serious diseases and illnesses.


An MRA lets us create that same image of your blood vessels, veins and arteries. We can then more easily determine if you have areas at risk of clotting or weakening of the blood vessel walls known as aneurysms.

*Available on the simonONE Body Plus

3T MRI Precision

State-of-the-art 3T MRIs allow for faster, more accurate imaging leading to more specific diagnoses.

Together with FDA-approved AI, simonONE can deliver enhanced whole body imaging in 30 – 45 minutes. This allows us to charge less than our competitors.

Scans are non-invasive, with no radiation, and the large openings of 3T MRIs can accommodate claustrophobic patients.

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Enhancing Your Results with Artificial Intelligence

We are able to more accurately enhance imaging services to provide better visibility to at-risk areas within both the brain and the prostate. This allows us to diagnose, track and provide better outcomes for patients with neurodegenerative diseases and prostate abnormalities.*

*Available on the simonONE Body Plus

Who Can Receive an MRI?

Because there is no radiation or contrast dye needed for our MRI, it is virtually safe for most patients including those who have had conditions in the past or those who are at greater risk of developing cancer or diseases.

MRI is Great For:

  • Those with genetic predispositions
  • Those who have suffered from cancer or other illnesses
  • Those looking to be proactive about their health

MRI is NOT for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those who have metal implants
  • Those who have pacemakers
  • Those with cochlear implants
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