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Why Proactive Healthcare is Important

Do you take daily vitamins for immune support? Do you go to the chiropractor for monthly adjustments?
why proactive healthcare is important

Do you take daily vitamins for immune support? Do you go to the chiropractor for monthly adjustments? Do you maintain a healthy diet, workout routine and make sure to get plenty of sleep each night? Then you are practicing proactive healthcare.

What is Proactive Healthcare?

Proactive healthcare, also known as preventative healthcare, is the action of taking care of your health and wellness before symptoms or diseases arise. When you go to the doctor to address a symptom, you are practicing reactive healthcare.

While both proactive and reactive healthcare have their time and place—after all, you can’t always predict an infection, illness or injury—proactive healthcare has its benefits and can lead to fewer cases of reactive healthcare.

Financial Benefits

The United States healthcare industry is a trillion-dollar industry. Hospital visits, prescription medication and other treatments cost a premium that many American households cannot afford, yet they have no choice but to pay if they need to see a doctor or wish to improve their quality of life.

While some of these costs are inevitable in certain situations, practicing proactive healthcare can actually reduce these costs in the long run. Keeping your health top of mind and in top shape may help you find yourself in fewer emergency rooms, which we all know can produce costly bills.

The New Proactive Action: Annual MRI

While daily vitamins, a healthy lifestyle and other immune support practices are great additions to daily life, sometimes you may need to look a little deeper.

With modern medical technology, your preventative practices can now dive deeper into the full picture of your health. Annual exams like mammograms, pap smears, mole checks, blood tests and more are great ways to keep tabs on more serious diseases like cancer.

But what about conditions like brain aneurysms, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes or heart disease? Oftentimes, we don’t perform the screenings to detect these until extreme symptoms begin to occur. And at that point, it’s usually too late to slow the progression or get rid of the condition altogether.

With annual simonONE MRI screenings, you can take your proactive healthcare to a new, empowered level. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of your tissues, organs and blood vessels.

Going in for a scan each year allows simonONE physicians to have a baseline look at your internal health and compare it as the years pass. This makes it easier to spot small abnormalities that could lead to life-threatening diseases if left untreated.

Many of the scariest illnesses and diseases you hear about are much easier to treat when detected early, such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. While some conditions cannot be eliminated completely, such as Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis, early detection is still beneficial. Lifestyle changes, medications and other medical referrals can be made to help slow the progression and manage symptoms.

We also believe in delivering this proactive action without the unreachable price tag, which is why simonONE MRI screenings have options to fit different budgets. 

A healthier you is in sight. Schedule your scan today.

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Book your simonONE scan and get a clearer picture of your health now to create better health outcomes for your future.


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