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This is Your Sign to Get an AI-Enhanced Prostate Cancer Screen

AI enhanced prostate screening

Each year, thousands of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer (approximately 1 in 8 men). In 2021 alone, there were 248,530 new detected cases and in 2018, it was estimated that 3.2 million American men were living with prostate cancer (National Cancer Institute).

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis among men and while it currently has a 97.5% survival rate, it is still a serious cancer that should be detected early on when it is much more manageable and treatable.

Annual MRI for Early Detection

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of your tissues, organs and blood vessels. This allows radiologists to detect cancer cells, even when they are extremely small, before symptoms arise.

Conducting annual simonONE MRI screenings can give your radiologist a baseline look at your internal health. This increases the chances of early cancer detection because abnormalities are easier to spot, since your provider will have images to compare to.

AI-Enhanced Screenings for Prostate Cancer

Since prostate cancer affects such a significant portion of the male population, simonONE placed high priority on detection practices. When male patients sign up for our Body Plus scan their MRI scan will feature an AI-enhanced prostate cancer screen.

Artificial intelligence in medicine utilizes advanced computing that allows for incredibly detailed analyses of imagery data. This highly-specialized AI-powered technology increases the MRI’s sensitivity to prostate cancers and aids in the detection of even the smallest cancer cells in the prostate gland.

Real Findings With Real Patients

A male patient in his 60s was able to detect a 6 mm suspicious lesion in the right transitional zone in the mid-prostate gland. He was referred to an oncologist for additional evaluation.


Another example of how sensitive and effective enhanced imagery can be is illustrated in a 70-year-old male patient. From his MRI screening, we could see a 3.5 mm suspicious lesion in his right peripheral zone. We also referred him to an oncologist to establish evaluation and treatment.

Annual MRI scans with AI-enhanced imagery can make a huge difference with early cancer detection and set your treatment plan up for success. The procedure is easy and only takes about an hour yearly allowing you to get the benefits of proactive healthcare without having to interrupt your schedule.

So take this as your sign to get a prostate cancer screen.

Sign up for your simonONE Body Plus scan today.

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